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Global Link for Online Biomedical Expertise (GLOBE)

One of the aims of Fondation Mérieux is to promote amongst healthcare professionals knowledge sharing, expertise and to provide training in developing countries in the area of infectious diseases. The creation of the GLOBE web portal dedicated to healthcare professionals and scientists follows the same logic.

GLOBE is oriented towards three main themes:

  • Biology laboratories sciences and activities. The objective is to strengthen management and quality in biomedical laboratories through the provision of operating procedures (testing, sampling, interpretation of results).

  • Epidemiology and disease surveillance. The objective is to improve basic knowledge in epidemiology and to disseminate specific tools required for the implementation of epidemiologic studies, investigations and surveillance systems.

  • Prevention and vaccines. The objective is to reinforce infectious diseases prevention and particularly vaccine awareness.

The portal provides several e-tools:

  • Exchange network.

  • E-learning via interactive modules and Standard Operation Procedures.

  • Online resources.

  • News and events.

GLOBE has a content validation system and encourages users to participate in the content.

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