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Better foods for Better Health (BFBH) Network

The Better Foods for Better Health Network is born as an output of the Better Foods for Better Health annual meetings series -that begun in 2010 - an initiative of Fondation Mérieux supported by Mérieux NutriSciences to bring together scientists at the forefront of research, top-level regulatory officials, world-leading representatives of the nutrition industry, International Organizations, NGOs and key policy stakeholders to initiate knowledge exchanges and discussions that will contribute to the emergence of new common approaches and solutions to address the complex issue of nutrition in the world.

The network will contribute further to the discussion and will enable the active participation of all members in addressing the issues left in thought during the event and to nurture the quality of the exchanges.

BFBH Network is accessible to the Better Foods for Better Health community. All participants of the 3 pasts editions of the Better Foods for Better Health event can participate.

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