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IXXO provides innovative web mining and online competitive intelligence solutions that quickly and efficiently turns web search into actionable business information. Since 2008 IXXO markets Squido, a SaaS Web mining system, along with a continued professional services activity for large enterprise search engines and knowledge management systems. The company has public and private customers, from small organisations up to international corporations, in various sectors: economic agencies, higher education institutions, and industries such as defense, construction, automotive, semiconductors, nutrition, healthcare, beauty, or sports equipments.

Fondation Mérieux and the company IXXO have signed a partnership convention in November 2009: An agreement of patronage or the development of knowledge sharing in developing countries. IXXO has committed to support Fondation Mérieux, and in particular GLOBE programme, with the use of its web exploration engine Squido.

The implementation of GLOBE requires daily access to the latest data. Thus, it is essential that Fondation Mérieux can benifit from the largest data source possible.

IXXO, who specialize in knowledge management, is very interested in Fondation Mérieux's project and wish to contribute its expertise in order to develop knowledge in developing countries. IXXO has contributed to Fondation Mérieux the use of Squido as well as support and training for the persons invloved in the GLOBE programme. Fondation Mérieux therefore profits from one of the most innovative research tools currently available. Squido is an innovative software solution aimed at professionals who wish to obtain advanced technological information using the internet. The team is composed of dedicated people who have experience in large companies of software editing, project management, sales & marketing and software architecture & design.

This tool, making use of more than 60 languages, allows you to search the whole internet on a precise topic, therefore yielding a larger number of results, results which are normally difficult to access. Benoît Miribel, Director General of Fondation Mérieux, highlights the importance of Squido for the development of GLOBE. He mentions that "this agreement with IXXO will significantly facilitate the distribution of essential information to health personnel of developing countries, and therefore support them in their daily struggle against infectious diseases".

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