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Viral hepatitis, Laos French Institute Conference

  • Author: Dr. Lawrence Malato

  • Publisher: Institut Français Laos

  • Type: Course and conference

  • Posted: 09/03/2015

  • Language: French

Dr. Lawrence Malato, head of Laos Mérieux Foundation, gave a lecture on 02/11/2015 at the French Institute for Viral Hepatitis Laos.

Viral hepatitis includes several diseases that have in common an inflammation of the liver cells. The clinical manifestations are jaundice, loss of appetite and severe fatigue. Five viruses of different families and different modes of transmissions can cause hepatitis. Southeast Asia is one of the regions most affected by these infections worldwide. The conference presented the epidemiology of the different viruses in the region and in Laos,  methods of diagnostics and means of prevention to limit the spread of these viruses.

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